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HOKAMIX30 Classic Powder

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    HOKAMIX30 promotes skin, coat, joints and digestion. In order to create the basis for a long,... more
    Product information "HOKAMIX30 Classic Powder"

    HOKAMIX30 promotes skin, coat, joints and digestion.
    In order to create the basis for a long, active life, you can protect and support your animal sensibly and effectively with HOKAMIX30.

    • ensures a dense, shiny coat
    • for itching
    • eliminates bald spots and dandruff
    • shortens the hair change
    • reduces problems in the musculoskeletal system
    • supports the supply of connective tissue
    • receives joy of movement and vitality
    • supports growth
    • can optimize metabolism

    What is HOKAMIX30?
    Here are natural ingredients of 30 valuable plants, especially herbs that contain bioactive agents, combined. In this case, vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary for the body, but especially special, specific ingredients of some plants are important.

    What can HOKAMIX30 do?
    It addresses certain nutritional processes in the body of a dog. The contained phytochemicals serve to secure its physiological needs. Above all, the metabolism is promoted, skin and coat are optimally supplied and it is often given in case of problems in the musculoskeletal system.

    The natural substances contained in HOKAMIX30 can therefore compensate for diet-related imbalances.

    How to feed HOKAMIX30?
    It ensures that potential problems do not even arise. An approximately 8-week dose in dogs of all ages, for example in the change of coat, in growth or general support is recommended.
    Feeding serves to maintain health and gives the certainty of doing everything for the well-being of his pet.

    HOKAMIX30 can be added to any full food, but also to BARF or self-cooked menus.

    Alfalfa, vegetables (eg nettle), calamari, seeds (eg aniseed, flax seed), lady's mantle, goldenrod, horsetail, St. John's wort, lungwort, yarrow, spice products (eg cayenne pepper, rosemary), pansy herb

    Analytical components:
    Crude protein 10.1%, fat content 7.1%, crude fiber 13.8%, crude ash 45.2%, moisture 5.8%, calcium 14.2%, phosphorus 0.28%

    HOKAMIX30 is suitable for dogs in every phase of life. Start feeding slowly increasing with small amounts. Mix the powder with the daily food. A 5 g measuring spoon is included in the packaging, an unintentional oversupply is not dangerous.

    As a basic amount each dog (puppies from self-feeding)
    per kg of body weight 1 g per day.

    Dogs from 15 kg to 40 kg   15 g per day
    Dogs over 40 kg                  20 to 25 g per day

    Attention: Do not bring HOKAMIX30 into contact with excessively hot water and do not overheat above + 35 ° C.

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