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  • We offer 3% VAT discount on all articles until 31.12.2020 - Code: 3%MWST

Products from HOKAMIX


HOKAMIX products consist mainly of – and various exclusively – natural ingredients. For example herbs, nuts, sea mussels and marine algae.
These ingredients are an important source of valuable, indispensable substances (vitamins, minerals, trace elements). They have a positive influence on several organs, like the liver, kidneys and heart.

By supplementing HOKAMIX to the daily food the body will regain and stay in balance in a natural way. And many, often long term problems can be tackled. The first effects of recovery will be seen after approximately 6 weeks, if the recommended daily dosage has been given.

The result is a well-fed body, with a good functioning immune system, a shiny hair coat and a beautiful skin, which is in balance.

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HOKAMIX Skin & Shine
HOKAMIX Skin & Shine
HOKAMIX Skin & Shine highest quality oil with a fast effect (4 - 5 days) cold-pressed oil from African and American nuts ensures dense, strong and shiny coat shortens the hair change eliminates bald spots and dandruff our highest quality...
Content 0.25 liter (€107.80 and / 1 liter)
From €26.95 * €27.97 *
HOKAMIX30 Classic Powder
HOKAMIX30 Classic Powder
HOKAMIX30 promotes skin, coat, joints and digestion. In order to create the basis for a long, active life, you can protect and support your animal sensibly and effectively with HOKAMIX30. ensures a dense, shiny coat for itching...
Content 150 gram (€7.18 and / 100 gram)
From €10.77 * €10.89 *