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grau Biotin Forte tablets
grau Biotin Forte tablets
Biotin Forte tablets for perfect coat, coat and claws / hooves for a supple, tight-fitting coat for an intact hair structure for hard-wearing claws & hooves for a nice coat Firm, dense, shiny fur and smooth, elastic, dandruff-free skin...
Content 0.081 kilogram (£88.64 * / 1 kilogram)
From £7.18 * £7.94 *
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grau Naturally pure bone meal
grau Naturally pure bone meal
Naturally pure bone meal Support for bone and skeletal structure through an additional calcium supply. The natural and additional calcium supply for dogs and cats with natural minerals and trace elements. Especially in growth, this is...
Content 0.175 kilogram (£23.31 * / 1 kilogram)
From £4.08 *
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- 1%
grau Herbal Yeast Tablets - Vital tablets
grau Herbal Yeast Tablets - Vital tablets
for dogs & cats are ideal to provide vitamins, minerals or amino acids as a cure or permanently. Vitamins, minerals and valuable amino acids are essential for a healthy and active life. For dog and cat carnivores, yeast provides the...
Content 0.05 kilogram (£108.20 * / 1 kilogram)
From £5.41 * £5.48 *
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grau elderberry dragees
grau elderberry dragees
With the help of the natural colorants from elderberry and the addition of seaweed and stinging nettle, elderberry dragees can effectively support the genetically existing pigmentation in dogs. A nasal plane with clear pigmentation,...
Content 0.05 kilogram (£450.20 * / 1 kilogram)
From £22.51 *
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- 5%
grau Sanofor
grau Sanofor
The natural moor consists of organic essences from primeval plants. It supports the gastrointestinal tract in a natural way. It helps to neutralize excess stomach acid, therefor it helps against stomach acidity. Sanofor supports the...
Content 0.15 kilogram (£70.87 * / 1 kilogram)
From £10.63 * £11.19 *
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Trust in the knowledge of the forces of nature were the impulse to develop the herbal mixture HOKAMIX30. The trust of the Grau family in these formulations as well as the knowledge of the importance of the healing powers of various plants was the cornerstone of the gray GmbH.

The company's extensive, high-quality product range impressively proves the value of nutritional supplements and how well it can help dogs and cats with these natural supplements.

The successes of solving oils and herbal mixtures, namely the increasingly frequent nutrition-related problems in dogs and cats, justified the great trust placed by customers in the knowledge and competence of the gray team.

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