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YuMEGA Show Dog
YuMEGA Show Dog
A special formula for best show performance YuMEGA Show Dog is a unique blend of the finest Omega 3 and 6 oils combined with Lutein, Lecithin and natural Vitamin E to promote dog skin condition, enhance show coat and promote eye health...
Content 0.5 liter (€65.80 and / 1 liter)
€32.90 * €33.95 *
YuDERM Boost (YuMEGA Boost)
YuDERM Boost (YuMEGA Boost)
A nutritional boost for coat and nails YuMEGA Boost provides vital nutrients that specifically promote hair growth, aid skin health, and support nail growth when your dog needs a little extra help. Boosts coat growth Promotes healthy...
Content 91 gram (€36.15 and / 100 gram)
€32.90 * €33.99 *
YuMOVE Dog Premium is a unique combination of high quality ingredients to support your dog's joint functions. YuMOVE for the maintenance of joints and the prevention of wear in the joint area. YuMOVE supports long-term joint health and...
Content 53 gram (€37.64 and / 100 gram)
From €19.95 * €20.49 *

Products from Lintbells


Visibly full of life from nose to tail
More wiggle when they wag. Purrrfect coats and playful pounces. Glowing health from head to tail. Quality of life and more complete nutrition, whatever their age. Lintbells call it visibly full of life – and it’s what we’re all about, here at Lintbells.

Helping them be full of life
From veteran best friends who are feeling their years, to pups and kittens who are growing fast, horses with itches, to working dogs who need extra support, whatever’s going on in your pet’s life, we want to hear about it. And help where we can. After all, Lintbells mission is to enhance the lives of as many dogs, cats and horses as possible.

A bit about Lintbells

Lintbells has been making premium quality, natural supplements since 2006, when John Davies and John Howie discovered a shared passion: the difference great nutrition can make to pets’ lives. And though we’ve grown a great deal since then, we’re still based near Hitchin, Hertfordshire, and all our products are manufactured in the UK.

The product range started with YuMEGA, our ever-popular essential oil supplement for healthy skin and coat. Since then, Lintbells' ve grown to become a leading expert when it comes to developing, perfecting and producing the high quality pet supplements that really work.

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