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NP Starter Mousse Chicken Kitten 200g

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NATURE'S PROTECTION Kitten Starter Mousse Chicken Complete Pet Food With Chicken After...plus

NATURE'S PROTECTION Kitten Starter Mousse Chicken
Complete Pet Food With Chicken After Mother's Milk For Kittens for all breedsfrom 3 weeks old

In order for a pet to grow up healthy and lively, it is essential to ensure proper nutrition during his first months. It is a complete canned feed specially balanced for 3-week to 12-month old baby pets. What is more, it is appropriate for pregnant and feeding female dogs and cats. The canned food STARTER MOUSSE CHICKEN ensures full nutrition for the most sensitive life stages of baby pets and their mothers:

-During pregnancy and birth
-Breastfeeding and weaning
-Fast growth and development up to 12-months old


  • The first feed after mother’s milk - for 3-week to 12-month old babies.
  • An easy way to wean puppies and kittens and get them used to adult pet (from 12-month old) feeds.
  • Composition of the canned food – mousse is especially popular among babies as it is easy to be picked up from a bowl and chew.
  • Beneficial feed for pregnant and feeding females.
  • The feed contains natural ingredients beneficial for both, baby pets and their mothers.
  • Perfect nutrient balance for a strong immune system and proper growth.
  • The main source of proteins – poultry (60%), therefore, the canned food is especially easily digestible and appropriate for a young and quickly developing body.
  • The feed contains an optimally balanced amount of proteins (11%) and fat (6%) for ensuring complete nutrition.
  • It contains fish oils and minerals beneficial for both, baby pets and their mothers.


Feeding recommendation:
Serve at room temperature. After opening, keep in fridge and consume within 1-2 days. Clean, fresh water should be available at all times.


Composition: meat and animal derivatives (60% chicken), cereals (4,7% rice), 1% minerals, 0,1% clinoptiloliteofsedimentaryorigin, eggs and egg derivatives (1,3% full egg), derivatives of vegetable origin (0,5% cellulose), oils and fats (0,3% marine oil, 0,1% safflower oil), sugars (0,1% fructooligosaccharide).

Additives/kg: Nutritional additives: Vitamin. D3 (3a671) – 200 IU, calcium iodate anhydrous (3b202) – 0,75 mg, cupricsulphatepentahydrate (E4) – 2,5 mg, manganoussulphatemonohydrate (3b503) – 1,4 mg, zincsulphatemonohydrate (3b605) – 25 mg, taurine (3a370) – 1500 mg, L-carnitine (3a910) – 1000 mg.

Analytical constituents:
moisture – 78%,
crude protein – 11%,
crude oils and fats - 6%,
crude ash – 2,2%,
crude fibres – 0,5%.

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NATURE'S PROTECTION SUPERIOR CARE  - Super Premium complete dry food for dogs and cats with special needs. Over a million unique loyal pets from more than 50 countries worldwide are happy to share with their success stories and achievements.


NATURE’s Innovations - watch the video

The unique ingredientof NATURE‘S PROTECTION SUPERIOR CARE feeds – MicroZeoGen is an innovation from nature. This natural mineral is an extremely valuable functional advantage that can help to ensure great health and vitality of pets.

More than 15 positive effects of MicroZeoGen were backed by decades of research. Due to its traitsMicroZeoGen can help to:
· Remove toxins, heavy metals, ammonia from the pet's body
· Carefully selected protein sources maintain the right composition of tears and can help to remove brown stains around the eyes, mouth and paws
· Improve absorption of nutrients
· Strengthen immune system



NATURE’S PROTECTION TEAM is constantly looking for challenges. It is important for us to create and refine the next generation solutions of nutrition based on efficiency and assessment of leading breeders. Our international experts on pet nutrition, veterinary care and manufacturing technology worked seamlessly together to create the innovative Nature’s Protection product line. The entire product range consisting of 100% natural ingredients offers a wealth of benefits while fulfilling the very specific nutritional requirements of your dog under various circumstances of life stage, life style and special condition.




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