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HOKAMIX Skin & Shine
HOKAMIX Skin & Shine
HOKAMIX Skin & Shine notre huile de qualité supérieure à effet rapide (4 à 5 jours) huile pressée à froid à partir de noix africaines et américaines Assure un pelage dense, fort et brillant raccourcit le changement de cheveux va bientôt...
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HOKAMIX30 Classic Powder
HOKAMIX30 Classic Powder
Hokamix30 favorise la peau, la fourrure, les articulations et la digestion. Afin de créer les bases d'une vie longue et active, on peut protéger son sens animal et efficacement avec Hokamix30 et de soutien. assure manteau épais, brillant...
Contenu 0.15 kilogramme (79,33 € * / 1 kilogramme)
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Produits de HOKAMIX


HOKAMIX products consist mainly of – and various exclusively – natural ingredients. For example herbs, nuts, sea mussels and marine algae.
These ingredients are an important source of valuable, indispensable substances (vitamins, minerals, trace elements). They have a positive influence on several organs, like the liver, kidneys and heart.

By supplementing HOKAMIX to the daily food the body will regain and stay in balance in a natural way. And many, often long term problems can be tackled. The first effects of recovery will be seen after approximately 6 weeks, if the recommended daily dosage has been given.

The result is a well-fed body, with a good functioning immune system, a shiny hair coat and a beautiful skin, which is in balance.

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