Pet Esthé Mud Keep Volume Down

Pet Esthé Mud Keep Volume Down
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    MILD AMINO ACID series - with the currently mildest shampoo ingredients Pet Esthè Mud... more
    Product information "Pet Esthé Mud Keep Volume Down"

    MILD AMINO ACID series - with the currently mildest shampoo ingredients

    Pet Esthè Mud Shampoo Keep Volume Down is a conditioner that regulates and improves the volume and texture of the coat. To this end, it contains a blend of plant extracts (Seaweed Extract, Clematis Extract, Filipendula Extract, etc.) and mineral mud components that absorb and remove dirt and debris that has penetrated deep into the pores, giving the coat a smooth and supple feel.

    Ingredients for moisture retention:
    Volume-reducing ingredients, electrostatic prevention ingredients, coat nourishing ingredients, mud from various regions of the world, Dead Sea salt, propolis (an ingredient extracted from the hives of honeybees), Clematis extract, Filipendula extract, seaweed extract, horsetail extract, ivy extract.

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    Pet Esthé

    Comprehensive Beauty - The Philisophy of Pet Esthé

    Pet Esthé's goal is to keep the body and mind of pets healthy. The Pet Esthé series offers comprehensive beauty products for pets with targeted ingredients, such as Dead Sea Salt (for healthier skin), Propolis, a highly acclaimed substance collected by bees from a variety of trees, natural botanical moisturizers, marine plant ingredients and NMF (natural moisture factor) to restore the pet's coat and skin and to improve.

    Pet Esthé attaches great importance to using only safe plant ingredients that have been used worldwide since early times. Pet Esthé uses natural herbs and other new natural resources of plant origin. Active substances of animal origin are not used. Use as raw materials are substances of plant origin, which by the decomposition by natural microorganisms, such as. Bacteria that are rapidly biodegradable.

    Pet Esthé will continue to develop products that do not pollute seas or rivers and are highly environmentally friendly.

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